Health benefits of being single / Health benefits of being in a couple

Happy Valentine’s Day! There are health benefits for you if you’re single or if you’re in a happy relationship. I found a few of them (that could be backed up with some kind of evidence) and listed them in no particular order. Remember, the results of one study does not mean something is true, so take everything on this lighthearted list with a grain of salt...or a candy heart.

 Health benefits of being single Health benefits of being in a couple

Benefits of being single


Benefits of being coupled up

  • You are more likely to receive adequate and timely cancer treatment.
  • You are less likely to die after cardiac surgery.
  • Holding hands and hugging may help reduce stress. (Though this isn’t limited to romantic relationships!)
  • If you’re a man, you’re likely to drink less alcohol than your single counterparts.
  • Frequent sex may increase your immunoglobulin level, which is an indicator of immune health
  • Your wounds may heal faster.

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